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World Famous in Donegal

It all started with the Original, Football Special Soft Drink. Made World Famous in Donegal. Why not try our American Ice Cream Soda, Exotic Pineapple or even our Smooth Banana.

Classic Range

Football Special Drink

Football Special

Football Special was originally designed for celebrating winning sporting events by “Filling the Cup””with an exciting but non-alcoholic beverage. We use only the finest Irish water and our secret mixed-fruit formula to produce that unique foamy head. Why don’t you celebrate too, and watch the magic unfold, as you pour the winning taste of Football Special.

American Ice Cream Soda

American Ice Cream Soda, for the Donegal drive-in experience. Car windows down, pumping sounds,  low to the ground. Ice Cream Soda floats our shing boats. Get your kicks on the R246, from the McDaids of  Donegal.

Exotic Pineapple Drink

Exotic Pineapple

Exotic Pineapple, the taste of tropical Donegal. Miles of golden sandy beaches, beautiful blue sea and the refreshing Ocean breeze.Originally designed to keep the natives refreshed during the warm, humid Donegal winters What could be more refreshing than a long cool Exotic Pineapple drink.Taste paradise in a bottle,from the McDaids of Donegal

Smooth Banana Drink

Smooth Banana

Smooth Banana, hand gathered from plantations nestling in the Hills of Donegal. The perfect climate, light showers of rain and  the glittering sunshine. How could a banana  not grow in such a tropical climate.A generations of  smooth bananas, from the McDaids of  Donegal.

Bubble Gum Drink

Bubble Gum

McDaids Bubblegum, is as simple as they come. Summer days that seemed to last for weeks. Penny sweets and jam sandwiches. Finding hidden beaches and rolling down the sand dunes. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the most impact. A return to your childhood from the McDaids of Donegal.

Pub Trade

Red Lemonade Drink

Red Lemonade

McDaids Red Lemonade, for when home comforts is what you need. A taste that just says; you’re home. Designed using only the finest Irish Water and high quality Sicilian lemon, our Red Lemonade can be enjoyed as a compliment to something stronger or on its own. Cheers from the McDaids of Donegal.

White Lemonade

McDaids White Lemonade, as crisp as an early morning dip, on a deserted Ballymastocker Beach. Designed using only the finest Irish Water and high quality Sicilian lemon, our White Lemonade can be enjoyed as a compliment to something stronger or on its own. 

Retro Range

James McDaid Sr. had a vision to create a long lasting, family drinks company. Four generations later and we are still going. We’ve raided our family’s old recipe books to create McDaids Originals: our retro throwback range that pays homage to our founder. These products are made from our original recipes from the 1940s and 1950s, come in a recyclable glass bottle and contain no artificial sweeteners.

Retro Football Special Drink

Retro Football Special

The Original at it’s finest. Sweetened using only pure cane sugar and straight out of a glass bottle. This is a craft soda from before craft soda was a thing. Seven flavours blended together to create a totally unique taste experience. What does it taste like? You tell us….

Retro American Ice Cream Soda Drink

Retro American Cream Soda

Who doesn’t love a good cream soda? This product stays true to our roots; high quality ingredients with our own Donegal twist. It might have been inspired on Route 66 but tastes that bit better on the R245.

Retro American Orange Cream

If there is one thing we know how to do, it is creamy soft drinks. We have combined our classic orange flavour with its cream soda cousin and created this creamy orange delight. An orange drink without the shape bite.

Retro Smooth Banana Drink

Retro Smooth Banana

For people who want their bananas extra smooth. All our craft soda sends 48 hours in a carbonated vat in a process called pinhead carbonation. This insures a clean, smooth finish perfect for our Donegal bananas.

Retro Cola Drink

Retro Classic Cola

A cola drinkers cola. This once was a stable of the McDaids range before a couple of friends crashed the party and never went home. It has a mellow taste and served out of a chilled, glass bottle is exactly how you remember cola should taste.

Ice Cream

Football Special Ice Cream

Football Special Ice Cream for the ultimate Donegal indulgence. One scoop of creamy ice cream, topped with a heavy pour of foamy Football Special and enjoy an ice cream float of distinction. Or enjoy that winning taste straight out of the tub. However you serve it, enjoy our secret recipe in this exciting new format.

American Cream Soda Ice Cream

If you didn’t think McDaids American Ice Cream Soda could get any creamier, then this is the ice cream for you. The perfect ice cream for a soda float, why not pair it with one of your favourite soft drink and elevate a simple treat.

Smooth Banana Ice Cream

Smooth Banana

Made using the same high quality banana essence as the drink, McDaids Smooth Banana Ice Cream is how all banana ice cream should taste. The perfect blend of bananas and Irish milk make this ice cream a Donegal delicacy. 

Exotic Pineapple

A trip to a Donegal beach would not be complete without an ice cream. Our Pineapple Ice Cream is the perfect go-to on a scorching Donegal summers day – even if it is raining. Refreshment in every lick and memories to last for years.

Football Special Cup Ice Cream

Football Cup